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October 7, 2004 by _Martin_
In a drive to make DesktopX easier for both users and devlopers I am in the process of trying to develop some standards for DesktopX. These will only succeed with support and a critical mass of developers using them so I urge you to assist if you think this a a worth while cause. This first draft details proposed Common User Information, and outlines other plans for the standard. Your feedback is welcome. You can get the draft document here: www.desktopx.net/standards/DesktopX S...
October 4, 2004 by _Martin_
As we all get more sophisticated in creating DesktopX widgets we are setting parameters. The issue with this is that, if these parameters are not organised in a consistent manner then where several objects need the same kind of information we will find ourselves having to configure these each time. Before this becomes too much of a problem I propose that we create some standards that users can set and developers can access. For example: Name information (title, forename, surname, suffix, ...
September 30, 2004 by _Martin_
I have uploaded a new DesktopX weather object which is a good framework for new (and redone old) weather widgets. All the data from weather.com is exposed in easy to use variables including a 10 day forecast. The script including all the functions is designed to be self contained and can therefore be updated in isolation without impacting other elements of your objects. Full commenting available with the objects.
September 23, 2004 by _Martin_
Today I finally submitted what will hopefully be the next substantial release of The Natural Desktop for testing. It's been a lot of fun so far and I expect there will be more to come so I created a small article on JoeUser briefly describing the process for those that are interested
September 19, 2004 by _Martin_
On the occasional free second I have from now on I'm going to try to help making some more basic objects that people can take and customise to their hearts content. Sometimes the objects created can look really complex and intimidating, but the truth is that once they are made, if they are well made, then they are really easy to customise. The first in the series is about making a calendar. The link below will take you to the guide.
August 17, 2004 by _Martin_
As soon as people say "scripting" people tend to run a mile if they are primarily "graphical" people rather than "technical" people. This is the reason that I personally believe that the graphical standards on DesktopX is relatively low. I can say this safely as I know that I am one of the worse culprits. I'm not trained in any of the packages and I tend to use whichever side of the brain is concerned with this stuff less. If you look at a lot of the Mac influenced widgets in Konfabul...
August 13, 2004 by _Martin_
Well, a mixed bag of comments which is what I expected. Let’s go through the general issues before getting onto any specifics. My initial feelings were one of dismay. Why did the first response just have to point to a bunch of Konfabulator widgets? Now don’t get me wrong, these widgets are great, but the fact is that there is nothing on that page that doesn’t already exist on numerous forms in the DesktopX libraries. OK, so the to-do list isn’t quite the same, but we have DX NoteIt which perf...
August 10, 2004 by _Martin_
Recently there has been a marked upturn in the number of people I have noticed getting involved in DesktopX and providing feedback. This is possibly because recently there have been same excellent objects made, and widgets are making things even easier. Numerous comments come in saying how useful these things are and how great the ideas are, but some of us are running short of ideas! Now Tiggz seems to have the monopoly on combining great ideas with awesome graphics but I'm sure he li...
July 29, 2004 by _Martin_
The British Government has been making a lot of fuss recently about how it has spent £10million on a booklet to advise us Brits how to deal with certain events. Obviously this is NOT just due to terrorist threats because Mr Blair tells us so. Whilst I wait for this booklet to drop through my letterbox, and pray that that no emergencies occur that I am unprepared for, they have produced a website. Far more interesting than this is their neglect to register www.preparingforemergencie...
June 16, 2004 by _Martin_
Have you ever run an application and wishes it looked differently? Have you ever wished that you could lock down features of an application? Have you every tried DesktopX? DesktopX has the power to hook into applications and change how they work and look. Using it's access to the exposed object models of applications, DesktopX can interact with your favorite applications. This allows to to readically transform the look and feel of applications whilst also controlling which feature...
May 18, 2004 by _Martin_
DesktopX is an amazing tool. For $20 you get software that can do pretty much anything on your desktop. DesktopX is NOT just eye candy, it can be an awesome productivity tool. The problem is that it's just not as popular as it should be. The main issue is the lack of really useful objects. There is some real creative talent out there and a few developers really push the boundary, but personally I get a little depressed when every other object uploaded is a clock, calendar or weather o...
March 6, 2004 by _Martin_
Two new DesktopX Interviews are available that discuss the creation of 'dials' and 'faders'. You can get to them via the DesktopX Resources page.
March 1, 2004 by _Martin_
Because DesktopX is capable of so many things, it is impossible to provide step by step instructions in the Guides how to achieve all you may want to achieve in DesktopX. The aim of these "Interviews" is to provide instructions on how to achieve certain things in a fun way, and introduce those that are maybe a little less familiar with developing using DesktopX to some of the techniques than can be used.
March 1, 2004 by _Martin_
A new object to introduce users to DesktopX is now available. Whilst obviously we recommend that you actually read the main documentation to maximise your enjoyment of DesktopX this will provide a few tips and tricks to get you started.
February 10, 2004 by _Martin_
I frequently get asked questions by International users regarding DesktopX often in their native language. Now, I'm OK with a few but it's obviously that it's not easy for those who's native language is not England to understand the manuals. If anyone is willing to undertake a translation of the DesktopX manuals into other languages, a years Object Desktop subscription/extension is on offer. If you are interested mail me directly (martin@stardock.com) rather than replying here and ...