Published on September 30, 2004 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
I have uploaded a new DesktopX weather object which is a good framework for new (and redone old) weather widgets.

All the data from is exposed in easy to use variables including a 10 day forecast. The script including all the functions is designed to be self contained and can therefore be updated in isolation without impacting other elements of your objects.

Full commenting available with the objects.
on Sep 30, 2004
Great stuff Martin, big thankx for the template
on Sep 30, 2004
Oh oh, I see a new flood of weather objects coming. ('Look Ma, I can do 20 weather Objects in just 60 minutes !') No, seriously, great stuff ! (If it just wasn't exploited so much...)
on Sep 30, 2004
My main hope is that this encourages people with less experirnce of scripting to achieve something with very practical day-to-day functinality.

There will be plenty of objects with poor visuals. My add-on for wind direction and UV is a good indicator of this fact though the functionality is key here.

In the end - evolution will tell which objects are most popular but if they all have the same base then they will all know our preferences, can all be updated and we can even pick and choose bits from each of them and integrate them into one of our choice.
on Oct 01, 2004

I have a question.

Does the data from do the same thing? I'm not terribly skilled in this but if this was the same thing we could have Canadian weather objects.

Just wondering.
on Oct 02, 2004
Yeah, works too, eh!
on Oct 04, 2004
Updated to retrieve weather alerts
on Oct 05, 2004
Martin, this was a nice thing to to... By making it easier, I'm sure it will help more people get started.

It certainly doesn't expose "ALL the data from" though... If you take a look at the latest version of LookingGlass Weather Suite, you'll see that I've included support for Hourly forecast data, Narrative forecasts, and Severe Weather Alerts.