Well, this has been quite a week. I have been working on a laptop since before Christmas, because I fried some components in my main machine (how stupid am I - kneeling on carpet, building up some lovely static while building a machine!). Some replacements arrived (nForce2 motherboardwith IGP, and Athlon 2200+ for the sake of economy), and I built the machine only to find that the HD was dead. Thankfully nothing was really on there, but I still had to order a new one and wait for that. Well, that came and I got up and running only to find my machine kept cutting out. Foolishly I forgot that the the CPU fan wasn't suitably rated so when it hit 70°C it shut down, which I suppose I should be thankful for! Now I have one rated at 2800+ so I'm going fine.

I'm now split between two machines however which is a bit of a pain, but I'm getting there.

I had a day of interuption as we had to go visit my new baby niece. She was premature so that was a bit stressful, but now she's OK so that's a relief.

So, as for work. I'm cracking on with the DX Objects, though we are still working through some bugs. Below is a status report with my understanding of what we are waiting on:


  • Clicking on an MS Forms List/Combo causes the control to move
    • Fixed internally
  • Dragging of IE windows (e.g. picture frames) causes erratic drawing (sometimes black box, sometimes shown)List/Combo causes the control to move
    • Alberto to review
  • Need to remove "Delete widget" as per Brads comments until a proper "Widget solution" is devised (Post 2.1)
    • Alberto to review
  • Object scripts need to "Auto-enable" when an object loads. e.g. Media player requires you to enable objects when loaded no matter how much you manually tweak the loading order in the package.ini
    • Alberto to review


  • Media Player
    • Alberto to fix Auto-enable
    • Ian to complete Combo/List (and ideally FileOpen) controls
    • Martin to implement
  • Photoclip object
  • Cat chasing cursor
    • Made an object using a fish: www.desktopx.net/temp/newobj/fishchase.dxpack
    • Brad to decide if this is enough to demonstrate the concept or if we need graphics creating
  • Eyes that follow cursor
    • Found old xEyes objects and mailed it to Brad for inclusion
  • Weather
    • We MUST ensure that the DX2.1 release contains the new weather object, not the orginal buggy one from months ago

Premium Objects

  • Fish tank theme
    • Alberto to upload components
    • Martin to build theme
  • Kids Desktop
    • Martin to develop to allow urls to be added when in edit mode
    • May need Ian's controls as it makes sense to put the URLs in a combo box
  • Google
    • Brad sending Martin book to assist
    • Martin to review Google search methods in the meantime

Other Objects

  • Upon completing these objects I will look at the others I mentioned in my 21st Jan report.
  • Also, I want to review in detail the Longhorn Sidebar design specs as I'm convinced DX can replicate most of this

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