OK, so I seem to have failed miserably to create a post to a "Custom audience" and get it visible so I'll just post this one. I don't really care who reads this one after all - there are no secrets! Well DX is really rolling now - I'm impressed with how much has changed from 2.0 - 2.1

Here's my quick thoughts and current plans:

Ian's combo and list box replacements - cool. This will really help overcome MS not implementing a good comprehensive control set.
We do however, really need to replace the Common Dialog control, or can we install comdlg32.ocx with DX if needed?

Brad's request to check the Konfabulator site for stock objects was enlightening. The fact that they only had one stock object meant that we could quickly do better (and did so). The most enlightening fact was that I went through several hundred "widgets" on the Konfabulator site and was less than impressed. I've glanced at Konfabulator site a few times, and had in my mind that it created some particularly great stuff ... however ...
... I'm now of the opinion that DX has more than surpassed Konfabulator in terms of the object quality. Sure the objects can look great, but that's the Mac, not Konfabulator. I only wish that my graphics capabilities were sufficient that I could do better.

I think that I may need to try creating all my new objects to match Paul's Longhorn theme.

There are a few objects I saw there that I'm going to work on when I get a moment:
Song lyrics search - this will complement my media player object
A more comprehensive POP3 mail object (if I can find a free OCX or whatever)
Currency conversion
Daily quote
eBay watcher
MSN messenger status (I need to get back to this and see if there is a way to do this in MSN6.1 or if it is still too locked down)
Thesaurus / Dictionary lookup
Webcam viewer (and no - not one of those kinds of webcam sites!)
Nice graphical battery guage
Post it notes (can finish off my existing one - until we get better Clone support in DX)

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