Published on December 3, 2004 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
A bit of fun for Christmas cheer! I want people to send me Christmas cards !!!!!

I'm conscious that we have a great international community here so I think it would be fun to see how many cards I can get and where they come from.

This isn't an ego trip, I don't want it to be a "send me a card if you like my widgets", if only because that sounds a bit wierd !!

I just think it would be cool so if you do too then the address is as below.

Martin Conroy
1 Halifax Close
Full Sutton
YO41 1NU

If enough people think this is a fun idea I will keep people up to date on my quest for global domination through Christmas cards!
on Dec 03, 2004
i'm boycotting my U.S. Postal services. how 'bout i email you one?
on Dec 03, 2004
hehe, feel free but that's too easy and not as much fun - I'm aiming for a tangible assessment of the community.
on Dec 03, 2004
I don't know if it will fit through the castle walls
on Dec 03, 2004
If everyone who uses wincustomize sends you a card Martin, it will certainly keep your postman busy!
on Dec 03, 2004
imagine the cost involved if you returned a card as well.
on Dec 03, 2004
Very fun idea. There might just be a little cash inside the card.

on Dec 03, 2004
Didn't know that you where from England. I'd be fun to send a postcard. I think I got a nice one with a picture from not too far away from where I live in Norway...
on Dec 04, 2004
Dang...England...Norway...I live in boring old US of A
on Dec 04, 2004
Martin .... you are an Evil Genius........

Really Great Idea