I'm about to get away for a week on vacation, but before I do I thought I'd leave some practical samples of the Common User Information file in the form of a calendar and weather objects.

If you need a sample CUI file it can be found here: http://www.desktopx.net/standards/dxCUI.xml

Once you have this, place it in your DesktopX directory and exit it to your details.

The samples are here:

The Base Weather Template has also received an update in the DX Objects Library

Hopefully these will encourage you to start working with the CUI. There is an updated DX pack for developers giving samples on how to interact with it.

I'll look at doing the GUI for editing the CUI when I return.
on Oct 15, 2004
Thanks Martin, Have a great Vacation.
on Oct 15, 2004
I really like the idea of a template for settings. Very cool. Unfortunely, I ain't that bright with DX stuff and can't figure out exactly how to set it up right, so I'll definitely be looking forward to the GUI for it.