Published on August 10, 2004 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
Recently there has been a marked upturn in the number of people I have noticed getting involved in DesktopX and providing feedback. This is possibly because recently there have been same excellent objects made, and widgets are making things even easier.

Numerous comments come in saying how useful these things are and how great the ideas are, but some of us are running short of ideas! Now Tiggz seems to have the monopoly on combining great ideas with awesome graphics but I'm sure he like me can't keep coming up with new ideas all the time.

What do people want to see made in DesktopX? If you can't make some of these things why not come up with the ideas, and maybe we'll get a chance to make them come to life?

Looking forward to hearing ideas, now I'm off to open the floodgates!
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on Aug 11, 2004
Support of objectmedia for cds (cdtext+freedb) and therefore a nice dxobject (possibly with cover) would be all I would wish.
on Aug 11, 2004
Hah, c242, I just wish Objectmedia wouldn't crash on me ever other song. That would be more than enough to make me happy.

Seriously though I would really like to see more media player objects. There just seems to not be nearly as many of those as calendars and weather items. I would also love to have something similar to Expose (as has been mentioned). Trillian or Gaim type objects that connect to multiple IM clients and can be part of the theme or embed in the desktop.

That is all I have right now.
on Aug 11, 2004
How about a stardate calender tuned to current time. Thanks to anyone that gives it any thought.
on Aug 12, 2004
A Media Center replacement would be nice. Nice (animated?) icons across the top for different media types and across the bottom for advanced configurations. Detect currently installed media apps and provide a list to easily pick from with a remote control. Highly configurable to favorite apps for individual media types (I like Winamp for everything. Especially over Media Player - go ahead, flame me). Animated background (maybe NightTrain2002's idea for stardate calendar? Sounds cool), screensaver, desktop calendar and clock, weather minder, blah, blah, blah, etc.

I'm not good in the graphics or scripting depts (yet) but I have a vision.
on Aug 12, 2004
mm morphing reminded me of something.. i use quicken (unfortionately) and would love a billpay reminder.. its sort of like a mail checker, but it works with uicken (duh) ms money's got a nice one that sits in the system tray, if you need an example. but a wiget/object for doing fast actions to quicken would be fabulous

(hee hee.. i said faaabuloouuus).
on Aug 12, 2004
these are kinda personal items, but.. i'm an MSN subscriber (calander, contacts, eail, tasks, appointments, notes is ALL online) and i access it constantly from all of my three computers so i can keep my head together no matter where i am. my home machine is outlooked and thus syncs with MSN.. but at the office i use groupwise, which does not sync with msn and is therefore completely useless, and my notebook is.. well, a notebook. rather than have to launch MSN to schedule and check an appointment from these other machines, msn explorer uses about 34 megs of memory, i was thinking desktop x could link to these places in it's own small interface using less memory.

if you don't have MSN, i could try and walk you through how you might access MSN subscriber pages via links.. anyway it would be nice to have that msn area completely at my fingertips without having to go through the explorer just to use my calander.

at the least, a window sort of like an 'outlook appointments' display, but for MSN would be a big help
on Aug 13, 2004
Weather interactive desktop. Take the docklet a step further and have the rain leak onto windows and puddle up near the taskbar. Sunny days have the shadow drift as the day rolls on. Snow is pretty obvious. Heavy wind could have occasional debris fly by.

I love that idea...

Please ive me an invisible SCREENSAVER so i can still view my beautifal alien desktop themes and khow my screen is still protected.GOBZERK

I think that can be done now...

I love this thread/news story. This is great!!!
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