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Recently there has been a marked upturn in the number of people I have noticed getting involved in DesktopX and providing feedback. This is possibly because recently there have been same excellent objects made, and widgets are making things even easier.

Numerous comments come in saying how useful these things are and how great the ideas are, but some of us are running short of ideas! Now Tiggz seems to have the monopoly on combining great ideas with awesome graphics but I'm sure he like me can't keep coming up with new ideas all the time.

What do people want to see made in DesktopX? If you can't make some of these things why not come up with the ideas, and maybe we'll get a chance to make them come to life?

Looking forward to hearing ideas, now I'm off to open the floodgates!
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on Aug 10, 2004
danillo - if you go into the desktopx install directory and find the 'docs' folder, you can make a copy of ScriptingGuide.pdf and rename it to ScriptingGuide.doc. Make a shortcut to this somewhere handy and it should open up in word (that's what I have done and it works ok for me).
on Aug 10, 2004
How about a countdown widget? It'd let you enter the release date of a movie or a book or whatever, then show a count-down of it, and notify you when the countdown reaches 0...
on Aug 10, 2004
Here's what I most want: An e-mail checker that will tell show me the subject lines of the stuff in my in-box.
on Aug 10, 2004
Chat Objects that connect to the most used Chat systems
Include ability for Video

on Aug 10, 2004
I would love to use the desktopX product I use just about everthing else but the desktopx application. The reason for this is that I use the virtual desktops and it appears that the desktop can not handle virtual desktops. If this is not the case can someone give me the details to how to get Desktopx to work with virtual desktops and dual monitors too. I forgot to mention that I also have dual monitors setup.
on Aug 10, 2004
A Configurable bar that appears like the NeXT right hand bar but with the ability to have customizable flyouts that can read an Icon, like the start menu.

See My or mormegills old DX themes to get an Idea, they worked but were you had to make a new block and link it for each program you wanted to make a short cut to.

If interested email me and I'll try to be more specific......
on Aug 10, 2004
I don't know maybe this is a dumb idea, but what about a 3d rendered head and shoulders of a poser model or what ever model. to interact with. somewhat like an assistant. and have the eyes and head slightly tilt to follow mouse movements. i have been trying to workon something like that but i never really got around to it. but i mean i think it would make the pc look more intelligent and interactive
on Aug 10, 2004
i would like to see some ktek orbs which i can put shortcuts onto them and some cool looking folders keep up the good work guys
on Aug 10, 2004
Objects that visualize the system audio output would be pretty cool.
on Aug 10, 2004
Tiggz, the rename trick worked to me, thank you
on Aug 10, 2004
I would just love to see a highly interactive DesktopX theme built coinciding with Halo 2
on Aug 10, 2004
The only thing I want to be able to do is place an image behind IconX icons.
on Aug 10, 2004
I would like to have a animated WINDOW. Like a Kitchen Window, or Living room Window that was animated to the curent weather. Not the whole desktop, just a portion.
So it looked like a real window with outside view.

Same deal with an animated Fireplace
(I used to do this stuff with Active Desktop, but that ate alot of resources.)

Also, A picture frame like the one in Harry Potter of the Harry's dancing parents would be cool. (Really just a framed video clip I guess)

on Aug 10, 2004
Please ive me an invisible SCREENSAVER so i can still view my beautifal alien desktop themes and khow my screen is still protected.GOBZERK

PS is a USB projector anywhere in the making could you image it be like the x files ...................
on Aug 10, 2004
expose-ish type of application that lets you manage your windows, or similar alt-tab replacement like the windows powertoy which shows thumbnails of your tasks - however that powertoy has problems with some of my apps so a desktopx varient might help. something that tiles your titlebars or icons at the LEAST would be a sure-fire legal alternative.

'sketch pad' - lets you draw either directly on the desktop, or in a whiteboard type setting to make quick doodles - MSN messanger's whiteboard is an excellent example - would love to be able to save desktop doodles as an image (transparent png!!) but saving could be accomplished by an:

'image capture' utility to let you draw a box and save the contents as an image..usefull for taking quick snapsshots of something you are working on to send out.. i think every skinner here could appreciate that.

mail checker - more functional than what we usually see in a checker.. similar to the groupwise notify that lets you see the time and subject line of an incomming message and let you launch the mail app or message, or delete it.. for outlook or hotmail addies. i havn't looked at the VAST amount of mail checkers because most don't do this so i don't know if this has been done.

'alarm clock'

'label colors' to change an icon or icon's text label to a color (yes, yes.. like osx...)

'send to' desktop items.. drag a file over it and it goes off to an email, to a disk, to a zip, or to the internet.

'magnifying glass' - similar to the powertoy but you drag IT over what you want to zoom in on, instead of just zooming up on your cursor

'desktop level mixer controls' for all of your audio devices (dunno about the rest of you but i have like..15 input/output sliders ). martin, you're a god if you can put a speaker fader on the desktop to control front and rear speakers.

smexx's idea of a desktop audio visualizor would be aweesome.

'window-in-window' - lets you bring up your desktop, for example, in a small window on top of everything else so you can a desktop icon.


grab an icon or window and throw it against the screen and it bounces all over the place. usefull for when SDC is pissing you off.

a clumsy little puppy that chases your curor and tries to jump at it, grabs your cursor and runs off with it if you arn't paying attention.

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