Have you ever run an application and wishes it looked differently?
Have you ever wished that you could lock down features of an application?

Have you every tried DesktopX?

DesktopX has the power to hook into applications and change how they work and look. Using it's access to the exposed object models of applications, DesktopX can interact with your favorite applications. This allows to to readically transform the look and feel of applications whilst also controlling which features are accessible to users.

Think about these ideas:
Want to read or send an email from Outlook but don't want Outlook loaded up?
Want a browser that only accesses certain web sites?
Want a media player that fills your desktop?

All these things and thousands more are possible with DesktopX.

This theme (https://www.wincustomize.com/skins.asp?library=31&SkinID=2996) shows how DesktopX can hook into iTunes functionality. Imagine you have a party going on and you want to let people select music. You could have a full screen theme which shows the list of tracks in the "Party Shuffle" and allow users to add tracks. You could even add a timeout to stop that annoying guest selecting the worst tune on your computer 10 times !!
on Jun 16, 2004
Very cool, Martin.
on Jun 16, 2004
Hey Martin, could you write up a tutorial on JoeUser.com on how you did this? Very cool stuff!
on Jun 16, 2004
Ecxellent, Martin.
on Jun 16, 2004
on Jun 17, 2004
Tutorial is available on how to do that here: http://martin.joeuser.com/index.asp?AID=18529