Published on December 31, 2003 By _Martin_ In Consumer Issues
I couldn't help but to blog this!

I'm doing some consumer research, part of which involved me going through the Dell purchase process. Whilst doing this I was asked some questions which prompted this article:

"Dell Computer Corporation is a US Corporation and is therefore subject to all US Export Laws and Regulations. In view of this, please answer the following 4 questions for US export compliance purposes."
OK, fair enough I have no problem with this. Questions 1 through 3 - all reasonable

Q4. Will the product(s) be used in connection with weapons of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear applications, missile technology, or chemical or biological weapons purposes?
What an absolutely freaking stupid question !!!!
As a terrorist, of course I'm going to say "Yes" and not be allowed to purchase the infidel capitalist scum's products.

Now, I'm not blaming Dell for this. No doubt it is something the US government has imposed. Is it any surprise that much of the rest of the world finds their ways bizarre and laughable.

Enough said, just wanted to express this comical experience.
on Dec 31, 2003
Amen to that. My opinions on stupid laws are the ones that require children to wear helmets. Don't you think that evolution would work better if the ones dumb enough to *not* wear helmets when they're skateboarding/whatever crashed and hurt themselves enough/killed themselves so that they couldn't procreate? Hooray for Oregon, yet another state to regulate our lives because we can't do it ourselves.

Though I have to say, that question about WMD takes the cake. If I could get that questionnaire, I'd answer yes to it. I hear Guantamano isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be....