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Published on September 20, 2003 By _Martin_ In Politics
Where have all the rational people gone?

I find it really frightening that we actually find more stimulating debate and (usually) rational discussion about things of real importance on this site than we get from the media and politicians of this world.

The problem that most of us have these days is politicians, religious 'icons' and media tainting our view of things. The majority of us rely on information provided by these people to form opinions, but no longer have much respect for what they tell us because of a pervasive suspicion of ulterior motives.

Contrary to this, on this site there are some frighteningly knowledgable people. In this day and age most of us, (myself included), tell ourselves that we are too 'busy' to research the facts, and yet we will constantly complain and whine about the lack of trustworthy information. Here there are those as we have seen that prove that they can justify their opinions, and whether we agree with their opinions or not, we cannot really argue that those opinions have not been formed without due thought.

When we look at the movies these days the Americans are no longer fighting the Russians. In fact the movies about war and suchlike are on the decline. What we see now are films about crooked politicians, religious fanatics, and hell, even James Bond is battling insane media tyrants.

This helps reinforce the opinion that all of the above are untrustworthy and that they are there to be despised and criticised. However, whilst ridding the world of politics, religion and the press may seem like a way to rid the world of many of it's ills, the sure fire way is for us to get off our arses and become better informed. If more of us took time to research the facts for ourselves then 'all of the above' would not be able to get away with what we consider to be a sorry excuse for the truth.

But then again, it just might be the truth!

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