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Published on September 10, 2003 By _Martin_ In Politics
Prior to my trip to the US I needed some reading material and in the airport I spied Michael Moore's 'Stupid White Men' and decided to give it again.

I must admit, that I have always had the impression that the President is a (barely) speaking chimp so I thought this would be a fun book. I need to say at this point that I also think our Prime Minister is a fool who speaks too much.

The book was one of the funniest things I have ever read. It was also one of the most frightening. I have previously said how much I love the US, but there is no doubt that parts of the US culture are severely screwed. I had known that more Americans voted not to have Bush as President than voted for him, but the level of fraud and illegality that was required to make him President was truly disturbing!

Sure Moore may have an axe to grind, but everything he says seems very well researched, so I have no reason to doubt what he says. If you haven't read this book I highly recommend it. More to the point I'd recommend getting it from the UK (as Moore recommends) because the content is truer to his views (i.e. he wasn't allowed to publish the content as wanted in the US. You can get it here:

Unless you are precisely the insular myopic American that Moore targets I think you'll love it. He's not only enlightening, but truly funny in the way he does it.
on Sep 10, 2003
Fair call if that's the case. If there are substantial inaccuracies then I'm glad you pointed them out. At least the inaccuracies mean the US is a better place rather than a worse one - errors usually make things worse!

Serves me right for such a title. Should have used "Michael Moore - he writes funny books"
on Sep 10, 2003
I hate to tell you but if you think Moore researches his material well then he fooled you well.

Moore's material is that of a really good liar. His work always sounds plausible. Bowling for Columbine, for instance, all sounds plausible statistically. It comes across as a real documentary that just happens to have humor in it. In actuality, Moore twists facts and statistics to be molded into a predetermined point of view.

Stupid White Men is just one such example. For instance, CEOs do tend to make 20X or more as much as the average worker at a company in Fortune 500 companies. However, basketball players make far more than 20X as much as the average person working the non player jobs in the NBA. Do you think Moore will make a "Stupid black men" book?

And the charges about Bush are total BS. For instance, the Democrats illegally kept certain polling places open long after they should have been open to win their areas. This happened in St. Louis big time. In addition, Gore advocates regularly bused homeless people to the polls to vote for Gore in exchange for cigarettes and alcohol. No such example was found on the Bush side.

And then there's Florida where Gore lost due largely to the ignorance of his voters. But even there, it's not as clear cut at Moore would have you believe. The media announced Florida had gone for Gore before the polls in western FLorida had closed. Western Florida was overwhelmingly Republican. There were reports of thousands of people who heard the news and went home (why wait in line to vote if your state has already been called?).

Moore is a liar. A good liar but still a liar.
on Nov 04, 2003
came across this when i was searching for an article i recently read about mike moore being a liar, wanted to point out a few "inaccuracies" in the earlier comment:

i've always wondered how "facts" and "statistics" can be adjusted and yet remain "facts" and "statistics"...?

moore doesn't advocate the republicans, OR democrats. they're both horrible parties. so what difference does it make which one screwed with the 2000 elections? and, it is perfectly legal for a person or persons to get a bus and pick people up and take them to polling stations ... and offer them some nice things along the way. should only people who have cars to get to the polls be permitted to vote in a "democratic" country? besides, no one's there when the people cast their vote -- so who knows who they vote for.

anyways ... i am off, but one last thing -- "BS" and "Bush" go well in a sentence together, just not in the order you put them.
on Jan 03, 2004
Hi frog-boy
I am not going to judge you comments because in a free society you are allowed to voice your opinion whatever it may be. But let me say this, in the great land of America do really think that he could get away with making outrageously false comments about the NRA and the Bush government without having any legal repercussions. Also what film company or theater would release this film without making sure that every fact is true, can you imagine the amount of people and companies getting sued if only one of Michael Moores facts were untrue. I am sure that by now if someone had found a fact in Michael Moores books or films wrong or a lie we would know about it.
on Apr 10, 2004
I think you are one of those guys who sleep with a gun under his pillow, who doesn't want to see the true, or you' ve watched to much television.
Nevertheless i give you that link
so, have fun
on Jul 22, 2004

Salt. Take it a grain at a time.