Views from the 51st State
Published on September 10, 2003 By _Martin_ In Blogging
Welcome to this blog.

You may have a view of the British as a sophisticated reserved race - you are wrong. I would personally gas at least 50% of our population (including at least 75% of the kids on the streets these days) and I would see that as a first step in making this place a 'green and pleasant land' once more.

This blog will contain posts of many kind which just reflect the world the way I see it. It will not doubt provoke and occasionally offend. If I don't provoke thought then I have failed, if I offend then I apologise in advance.

I look forward to blogging with you.


on Dec 25, 2003
The boot skins look nice but I can't figure out why all the rave? You are only in the start up mode for a short time. Most of the time spent is on the internet. Am I missing something? GCJ
on Aug 11, 2004
I use your method to create a picture and a progressbar , then i write a configuration file and save it.
Afer that i put them in a folder ,putting it into the bootskins.exe'folder.
But that's no use. The bootskin can't recoginize it. It can only use the files named XXXXXX .bootskin.
I don't know how to convert it to XXXX.bootskin or pack it to XXXXX.bookskin.
HELP ME!!!!!!! Help Me and teach me!!!
on Oct 28, 2004
wie kann ich mein Foto auf dem Skinboot bringen???