Published on October 4, 2004 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
As we all get more sophisticated in creating DesktopX widgets we are setting parameters. The issue with this is that, if these parameters are not organised in a consistent manner then where several objects need the same kind of information we will find ourselves having to configure these each time.

Before this becomes too much of a problem I propose that we create some standards that users can set and developers can access.

For example:
Name information (title, forename, surname, suffix, nickname)
Address (Line 1, Line 2, City, State/Area, Zip/Postal Code, Country)
Measurements (imperial/metric)

etc, etc

Do people think this makes sense? If so, what information do you think would be useful?
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on Oct 05, 2004
XML is very easy. I'm actaully working on a XHTML parser to validate XHTML files. It can esily be converted to read XML files. As for where the setting to be saved I reakon it can simply be made in any directory that the user spesify. That way you can very esily make different setups. The path of the directory would be saved in the script object persitent storage.
on Oct 05, 2004
I agree that XML (if size is a matter - zip it up) is a good solution. In fact a few standards exist already that cover personal settings and preferences stored in XML.
Another solution might be the ever famous "property"-files that many applications and installers use. Split into sections and with simple key/value lines.
Either way it could be used together with some sorta of namespace mechanism (isn't that included in the new widgets?) to allow distinction between general settings, widget specific settings and more.
Easy again would be the implementation of a user interface that is able to map the names/names spaces/keys to a hierarchical, extensible layout for settings.
That's my 2 cents
on Oct 05, 2004
I'd lean to more the XML store, as for some reason the registry settings used by Mormegils widgets, which are perfectly good, reset. I though I knew why and how to stop it, but I failed and it means I cannot use any of his Core objects or widgets as the settings don't stay, they just reset to the default.
on Oct 05, 2004
I tell you what, give me time out this week and I'll see if I have time to complete my XML parser and make the first draft of a XML setting tool.
Another thing about XML is that it's crossover compatible with basicly any system, so exising XML setting schemes can easily be used with little or no modifications.
on Oct 05, 2004
OK - I'll make it XML based - that way the various antivirus/firewalls etc are less likely to get upset with it too.

I'll get started tonight and have a draft in the next couple of days.
on Oct 06, 2004

the idea of a working from a 'stardock profile', like an MSN passport, would be an easy way for a user to plug in all that info - when they create an account, for example - once and for all and objects could be designed to grab that info from online and store it rather then look into the registry, which will tick off teatimer and zone alarm and other such tools. you have the stardock system that everything already accesses.. use it to let users configure their items. maybe that's an add on to the personal pages
overall, a good idea
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