Published on August 17, 2004 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
As soon as people say "scripting" people tend to run a mile if they are primarily "graphical" people rather than "technical" people. This is the reason that I personally believe that the graphical standards on DesktopX is relatively low.

I can say this safely as I know that I am one of the worse culprits. I'm not trained in any of the packages and I tend to use whichever side of the brain is concerned with this stuff less. If you look at a lot of the Mac influenced widgets in Konfabulator and Dashboard, they have a lot of shine. DesktopX can do what they can do, and much more, but this isn't always apparent. People want eye-candy and functionality.

As such, this is an appeal to those graphically minded folk out there. Even the most complicated scripted DesktopX objects have an image at heart. You can completely change the appearance of an object without having to even worry about the script. Go on - give it a go - the rewards are worth it!
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on Aug 18, 2004
Yeah, i would love some tutorials cause i'm a novice at DX2
on Aug 18, 2004
I agree - a PDF is fine for printing, but that's not what I want to do with my documentation. Something like MSDN help or, yes, HTML would work better for me.
on Aug 27, 2004