Published on November 12, 2003 By _Martin_ In WinCustomize News
The curse of Web services has struck.

The service used by many of the DesktopX weather objects, and some meters appears to have died. The weather objects have now been updated and the meters will be soon.

As such, please update any weather objects you have to avoid problems.

DX2 Weather ( )
DX2 Weather (Animated) ( )
Mattahan Weather ( )

N.B. The International weather object ( ) is unaffected
on Nov 12, 2003
Thanks for the info.
on Nov 12, 2003
thanks for your work on these, martin
on Nov 13, 2003
Personally I treat this as good news. Those of us who have zip codes starting with a Zero can use your objects now! Thanks!
on Nov 13, 2003
Did the weather objects scrape data from, by chance? I wrote a script to do weather for LiteStep and when it stopped working I saw that they had made deliberate changes to the html code that broke the search algorithm (regexp's). I updated it, but they'll probably change it again. They don't want you to scrape their info unless you load the page and view the ads - they suggest using their XML feed instead. Check out this tag:
on Nov 13, 2003
Heh - that got linkified - just mouse over it and you can read what is says though.
on Nov 13, 2003
This is using the XML feed so no scraping problems.