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Published on November 2, 2004 By _Martin_ In International
Well, obviously the election is about to be decided and Europe will have to deal with either 4 more years of what we know from Bush, or build a new relationship that will apparently take us in a new direction.

The fact is that in Europe we don't have an informed view unless we take the take and are sufficiently interested to understand all the U.S. domestic politics. Needless to say, most of us (including myself) don't care enough to do this. However, in a recent poll of citizens of European countries, virtually all prefered Kerry to Bush. This was also highlighted on the recent WinCustomize poll comparing the opinions of US and International "voters".

Now, although these aren't informed polls, there is still clearly a consistent outcome which is valid. What is obvious is that Europeans have a poor opinion of Bush. Whilst the vote for Kerry may be more of a vote of "no confidence" than an informed vote, the fact remains.

Now, if Kerry wins time will tell whether he is better than Bush, but the biggest question is what if Bush wins? Do you think he will take note of this opinion?

The fact is that it is not just the French public that prefer Kerry, but most of Europe, including Britain. Bush should see from this that his manner and attitude towards international relations is wholly unpopular and that he is less and less likely to be able to rely on support from Europe going forward.

Personally I think that Bush is an idiot. I see a man who I still believe is fed all is lines via an earpiece on the grounds that his sentances falter every 7 or 8 words as he waits for the next line. To give his script writers credit they are consistent in how they try to cover this up by "manglifying" the English language! Mr Bush, your swagger may be called "walking" in Texas but , to the rest of us it just looks like you've got a broom shoved up your arse. As for your foreign policy, well it's cares as much about the rest of the world as the US Olympics coverage does!

I know this is an opinion that is probably unfair in that it's not a fully informed opinion but the fact is that it exists, and I actually consider myself a fairly intelligent and informed European. Will Mr Bush listen or care? I doubt it.

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on Nov 04, 2004

Reply #16 By: Solitair - 11/4/2004 4:00:00 AM
The arguements about Bush not caring what any foreigner thinks should only hold true for domestic policies. I have big issues with the concept that US troops can go anywhere they want on the planet and invade any country they want purely because Bush wants it to be so. Yes there were good reasons to remove Saddam (I personally supproted the war), but Bush totalyl screwed up in selling those reasons to the world and on planning for after the war. And it does matter how he sold the war to the world because the war was NOT in the US. It was elsewhere.

I expect that many others feel the same way and will pressurise their governments to act. Enough is enough as far as many Britons, Russians, Chinese, Japenese, French, Germans, ... are concerned. Yes people do also benefit from interactions with the US, but there is only so far they'll be pushed before their pride comes before their pockets. People where I work have already strated switching as many purchases as possible to non American good, even if slightly more expensive. That's how angry they are

Tough. Their stupidity not ours. I agree 100% with "sgsmitty"! He's *our* president and I don't want him to give a *fig* for what the EU thinks!
I live in the US not the EU!
on Dec 10, 2006
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