What's going on?
Published on March 21, 2006 By _Martin_ In DesktopX Development
I'm concerned about Desktop Gadgets. This could and should be a critical tool for developers to sell their applications. As it transpires I think it's falling short of its potential.

I submitted a gadget about 4 weeks ago and heard nothing; it's just sat in moderation. I appreciate that Stardock have been busy with GalCiv 2, and that moderation needs to be done carefully. However, this is an incredibly simple gadget which should have flown through.

I have DeskNotes 2 really which is a different issue altogether. I have literally invested thousands of hours in this and it is a really substantial gadget. I'm reluctant to publish this as I currently don't have the confidence in things moving forward, and I certainly don't want to develop anything else for the site at this time.

I'd be interested to hear what plans are for the site. If time can't be invested in it then please just let us know so we can make our own plans accordingly. The lack of communication is more damaging than anything.

on Mar 21, 2006
I would be interested to know also.
There is a free gadget that was updated, VistaRSS - Reader, now shows as two gadgets with the same name.
The updated version cannot be downloaded and the older version which still shows can be but it is not the updated one.
SD System Navigator (4.0) has been "waiting for updates approval" since 2/26 and its not at all clear whether it is an update to 3.09 or a distinct gadget.

Very confusing site and that shows up as frustration for developers.

As a customer, I am getting more and more wary of buying.
on Mar 25, 2006
I would also like to know whats going on with DG. It has a lot of potential for those of us who want to create gadgets for sale, but the lack of a clear direction as well as the delays in getting updates and new gadgets approved has been very disapointing.

I had a lot of hope for DG when it first was talked about and discussed, but as the months have gone by i have seen little to no input from SD over this site, and it seems to be fading from the world.

Desktopx and DG have so much potential I hate to see them fail. I love working in DX I have been able to create some really great things, and i would hate for that ability to go away.

Im just beginning to figure out what to do with DX and what its potential is. We need some feedback from SD on where its headed and what its future holds for us.
on Apr 30, 2006
I am new to this, but just got Desktop X Pro... And I find this topic distressing.

Even a "SHUT UP YA SPOILED KIDS!!" from Stardock would be better than no response at all!

Oh well...

I had my own plans for my gadgets anyhow.

on Mar 08, 2007
and a year from the original post (almost) asks, as an end user, why are there such a limited amount of gadgets available for the desktop at this point. There should be dozens by now but there are only 11 that came with my suite. Some work as expected some are OK. Silica Clock should have some different skins and a way to make the clock larger. It's so tiny!

Anyway.... be nice if there were more. Glad I found this thread instead of creating another one.
on Mar 09, 2007
why are there such a limited amount of gadgets available for the desktop at this point.

I think maybe because there aren't that many really original ideas to make a gadget out of. I think a gadget should be something uniquely inventive, very practical, and of course, extremely useful. How many object/widget/gadget ideas qualify for that? RomanDA and others have produced some highly qualified works, IMO, but what other ideas are there and how many people in the community have the time and skill to impliment them?
on Mar 09, 2007
Martin I was reading a post a while back (maybe 2 Months ago) about some of the uploads not going through I never heard if this issue was fixed. The person who responded on it was from Stardock.He basically said if you don't see a posting in a couple of day's your upload may have been lost and to re-upload it and he also asked to be notified so he can keep an eye on it.I'm sorry but I forgot where I got this info and his name.But I'ld contact them to let them know it's still happening. Good Luck Eddie  

on Mar 09, 2007
RomanDA and others have produced some highly qualified works,

Don't forget to mention sViz, while you're at it   

[ideas: Net In/Net out meter, analog guages?(love to see those meters move on the desktop!), international currency conversion comparator(maybe two windows to select, say, yen and dollars, hit go, scrolling "tickertape" style RSS feed reader( I'm running one from Yahoo widgets, but it needs YW engine running to work...)]
on Mar 11, 2007
I need some help now. I wanted so badly to make a larger skin for the clock and well, the skin works, kinda..... I enlarged and changed the color of the clock face (from 72pixels to 101 pixels) and enlarged the 3 clock hands, the center dot thing and the reflection to all match or there abouts..., reloaded the clock and it's, well.... the clock hands are no longer centered. Still works but they are on the upper left hand side of the clock. Kinda comical but not practical. How do I realign the hands, the X, color changer and the center dot thing?? Eeeeek!!

Thanks much!

on Mar 11, 2007
Don't forget to mention sViz, while you're at it

Aw, shucks.  

RAMWolff, which clock are you talking about? Usually, the clock's minute hand, hour hand, second hand, and clock face all have to be the same size (101 x 101).

To position them, open the object list (r-click on the DX icon and choose Object List), and make sure the x y coordinates of the clock face, minute, hour, second hands are all the same. Like this:

As for the reflection and the center dot thing, if they are not the same size as the others I'd say just move them around or realign the x y coordintates until they are in position.

Let me know how it goes.